Janome 1000CPX Cover Pro Review


  • This machine is a cross between a traditional sewing machine and a serger.
  • It features four thread spindles, and an accompanying extension rod, to accommodate individual tension dials and thread cones.
  • Like a traditional serger, it has three unique needles.
  • The Janome’s 100CPX’s design incorporates Janome’s patented Janome Seam Tightening System.
  • An oversized sewing space (measuring 4” x 5.5”) provides plenty of room for executing stitches in the middle of a garment.


Traditionally, cover stitch machines are not designed with the ability to perform most standard sewing machine tasks; however, these machines are becoming increasingly popular among sewing enthusiasts. The Janome 1000CPX Cover Pro (see today’s price on Amazon) offers the best of both worlds. By blending features of both, it provides increased versatility and enables the user to produce items with a polished, professional finish. 

With a high-speed motor and the ability to do triple cover stitching, the 1000CPX can do stitches in a mere matter of seconds. The overall design of this machine is packed with additional features, like a convertible free arm and a differential fabric feed.

Read on to find out more about what this model has to offer! 


  • A color-coded threading system and a setup guide make it simple to thread this machine.
  • The machine comes threaded, so it’s ready to use almost right out of the box.-/;=This cover stitch machine has an impressive stitch rate of 1,000 stitches per minute.


  • This machine is not designed for beginners.
  • The Janome 1000CPX cannot be used with fur, leather, suede, or other extra thick fabrics.

Product Description

Upon first glance, the Janome 1000CPX Cover Pro looks like the love child of a serger and a standard home sewing machine. The design features four unique thread spindles, plus an extension rod, which allows this model to accommodate separate tension dials and thread cones. It also has three different needles for making stronger stitches. The most praised feature of the Cover Pro is the simple to understand graphics located on the front of the machine. These graphics provide detailed instructions on how to execute a variety of stitch options – making the machine exceptionally easy to use.

This Janome model is packed with extra features that are intended to enhance the home sewing experience and to enable users to turn out garments with a professional finish. This list of features includes:

  • Stitching options for 2 thread, 3 thread, and 4 thread cover stitches
  • An extendable free arm
  • A generously sized working space
  • An adjustable differential feed
  • A built-in thread cutter
  • Janome’s Exclusive Seam Tightening System

What is particularly notable about the seam tightening system is the fact that it employs a spring, instead of a standard looper, to eliminate the possibility of excessively loose thread. As a result, the machine produces perfectly tight, flat stitches each and every time. It can even be used on thick fabrics, such as wide wale corduroy and denim.

Another highlight of the Cover Pro is the additional space located beneath the needle. With the need to frequently change the positioning of the needle and to switch it in and out to use the different stitch options, this extra amount of space is one of the hidden gems of the 1000CPX. Combined with the oversized working space, executing any type of cover stitch or top stitch in the middle of a garment becomes exceptionally easy.

It is important to note that the design of the Janome 1000CPX demands that it be used exclusively with Schmetz ELX 705 needles. This brand of needle is an industrial type needle that has a reinforced back and deep grooves across its front and back. Although not particularly expensive, the cost of these needles will need to be taken into account before purchasing this machine.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a dedicated cover stitch machine, but do not want to pay the price for a commercial grade option, the Janome 1000CPX Cover Pro offers a satisfying alternative. It has the feel of an industrial machine but handles and operates more like a traditional home sewing machine. Janome recommends that users have some knowledge of sergers before buying this machine, as it is not designed for beginners; however, it has fared exceptionally well in both professional and consumer written reviews and will make an excellent addition to any sewing enthusiast’s collection.

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