Can I Sew Without A Presser Foot

Can I Sew Without A Presser Foot?

The presser foot is an integral part of nearly any sewing machine. Whether you’re creating fancy, intricate stitches on your fabric with your sewing machine or simply sewing straight lines, the presser foot makes the process considerably more manageable.  However, although the presser foot seems essential, you don’t technically need it to sew. Contrary to …

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What Is Batting In Sewing

What Is Batting In Sewing?

Perhaps you’re browsing through a few different potential future projects, only to come across a few terms you’re not unsure of. So, now you find yourself surfing the internet, ticking off each unknown term as you figure out what it means.  Regardless of why you need to know the definition of batting in sewing, we’re …

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The rolled edge of the fabric is placed under the presser foot of the sewing machine.

What Is a Rolled Hem

There are several techniques you can make use of to finish your garment piece. A rolled hem is amongst them and can be used on light to medium weight fabrics. Unfortunately, it is not the best hemming technique for heavier fabrics like wool tweed, denim, polyester fleece, etc. Silks and sheers are the perfect material …

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