The rolled edge of the fabric is placed under the presser foot of the sewing machine.

What Is a Rolled Hem

There are several techniques you can make use of to finish your garment piece. A rolled hem is amongst them and can be used on light to medium weight fabrics. Unfortunately, it is not the best hemming technique for heavier fabrics like wool tweed, denim, polyester fleece, etc. Silks and sheers are the perfect material …

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Hand of seamstress is using the white industrial sewing machine to sew elastic strips of pants close-up

How to Sew Elastic into Fabric

Sewing makes it possible for people to create unique creations that showcase their creativity. If you enjoy sewing, you can make an entire wardrobe that is truly one of a kind. However, some techniques are essential if you plan on making your own clothing. One of these techniques is how to sew elastic into the …

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young tailor working on sewing machine

What is Selvage in Sewing

Sewing is a great way to explore your creativity by making garments and creations that are uniquely yours. Sewing continues to be a trendy hobby because of the incredible versatility and creative challenges it provides to sewers. If you wish to boost your sewing skills, it will be beneficial for you to know what selvage …

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mother teaching her daughter how to use sewing machine

How to Sew Letters on Fabric

Sewing is a hobby that provides people with excellent creative options for making clothes, bedding, curtains, and other items that add a bit of personal flair to the home. You can take your sewing creations even further and make them stand out more by sewing letters on the fabric. Imagine adding a letter to a …

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How To Sew In Wig Clips

How To Sew In Wig Clips

You’ve just received your new wig, and it looks great! Now, if only you can find a way to keep it securely in place all day. Wig clips offer one solution. They provide sturdy support to help you keep your secret to great hair. Clips make it easy to remove your wig quickly and easily. …

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