How to Make Sewing Patterns

How to Make Sewing Patterns

Sewing alone can be a challenging task, but sewing without a guide can be even more difficult and for some of us with less experience, impossible. Patterns in sewing are the predetermined and pre-measured guides to lead our needle along the path to sewing success. Often these patterns are premade otherwise known as pre-graded patters …

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How To Set Up a Sewing Machine

How to Set Up a Sewing Machine

I think it’s safe to assume that if you’re reading this article, you are trying to set up a sewing machine. You’re likely a novice just trying to figure all of this stuff out, and that’s 100% okay! Hopefully, this little, instructional article will help you along the way. Just to clarify, the purpose of …

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What Is Interface In Sewing?

Interfacing in sewing is a stiffening textile used to provide support and rigidness to the underside or “wrong” side of fabrics. This is a handy material that can make sewing specific garments simpler by creating a more sturdy fabric. There are many options when looking for the right interfacing to use for a project, so …

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What Are Sewing Notions?

Sewing notions are the various tools used in the sewing trade. Any tool that assists in the creation of a sewn or handcrafted work is referred to as a notion. In this new 21st century era of craftsmanship, there are so many high-tech notions to choose from that it can be very overwhelming starting out. …

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What is a Basting Stitch?

Most people are familiar with the term basting in cooking, but may not understand what is basting in sewing. Anyone who sews has heard the term “basting,” but may not be familiar with the process. Experienced seamstresses understand the importance of using basting as a temporary method of holding fabric together before making the final …

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