What Is Interface In Sewing?

Interfacing in sewing is a stiffening textile used to provide support and rigidness to the underside or “wrong” side of fabrics. This is a handy material that can make sewing specific garments simpler by creating a more sturdy fabric. There are many options when looking for the right interfacing to use for a project, so … Read more

What Are Sewing Notions?

Sewing notions are the various tools used in the sewing trade. Any tool that assists in the creation of a sewn or handcrafted work is referred to as a notion. In this new 21st century era of craftsmanship, there are so many high-tech notions to choose from that it can be very overwhelming starting out. … Read more

Should I Wash My Fabric Before Sewing?

A common rookie mistake people make when they first start sewing is not properly preparing their fabrics. Before you put in all the time and effort to create that impressive end product, know the fabrics you are using and what you are using them for so you know if they need to be washed. There … Read more

How to Sew a Buttonhole With a Sewing Machine

There it sits, your latest sewing project, waiting for the finishing touches. But all those buttonholes still to be done, your heart sinks. What were you thinking? Surely it would look just as good with Velcro instead of buttons, wouldn’t it? Then again, the buttons you’ve selected are the perfect finishing touch. The days of … Read more

How to Make a Bra Using Your Sewing Machine

How To Sew a Bra

Did you know that around 85 percent of all women are wearing the wrong size bra? For some women, it’s easy to find the right bra just by stepping into a store, but for a lot of women, it involves a shopping trip that calls for packing a lunch and planning a route map on … Read more

Learn How to Sew: My Guide to Sewing for Beginners

You’ve decided to take up sewing!!! That’s exciting news. Before we talk about how long does it takes to learn how to sew, let’s first look at its history. History of Sewing Sewing is an activity that has existed for as long as there has been a need to join two pieces of something together … Read more

What is a Basting Stitch?

Most people are familiar with the term basting in cooking, but may not understand what is basting in sewing. Anyone who sews has heard the term “basting,” but may not be familiar with the process. Experienced seamstresses understand the importance of using basting as a temporary method of holding fabric together before making the final … Read more

My Top 100 Best Free Sewing Patterns

I have scoured the web and put together a list of what I consider to be the top 100 free sewing patterns.  This is a random ordered list – It is hard for me to say that one pattern is better than another 🙂 If you are new to sewing and stumbled upon this page, … Read more

How to End a Stitch When Sewing By Hand

You can sew a perfect running stitch or do a blanket stitch that would make your grandmother proud.  Maybe you need to tie off that project on the fancy new embroidery machine you just bought 🙂 But equally important is your ability to finish off that hand-sewn masterpiece to make it last. The method for … Read more

Fabric Glue vs. Sewing: When To Use Each One

If you enjoy designing your own clothing or making crafts, then you can use a variety of methods for attaching the fabrics. Today, there are high-quality fabric glues available at fabric and hobby stores. To make items that won’t fall apart, it is important to choose the right types of fabric glues along with using … Read more