Juki MCS1500 Cover Stitch Machine Review


  • The looper on the Juki MCS1500 is simple to thread with the press of a button.
  • ​​​​The adjustable differential feed can be used with a variety of different fabrics, including georgette and knits.
  • The presser foot has a heightened design that allows fabric to be inserted once the operator begins sewing.
  • The exterior thread cutter is particularly useful when fabric needs to be removed after the sewing project is finished.
  • Juki offers a 5-year mechanical warranty on all components and a 2-year electronic warranty on the motor and other electrical elements.


If budget is not an issue and you won’t settle for less than the best, then the Juki MCS1500 Cover Stitch is one of the best machines that money can buy. What the Juki MCS1500 (see today’s price on Amazon) specializes in is chain stitches and cover stitches, which will take any sewing project to the next level. This professional quality sewing machine offers speeds of up to 1,350 stitches per minute – making it simply one of the fastest sewing machines on the market today. 

Read on to find out more about what the Juki MCS1500 has to offer!


  • This model comes with a well-written, comprehensive user’s manual that is written in both Japanese and English.
  • Its multiple needles can be used to create 3 thread or 4 thread chain stitches.
  • The extension plate features seam guidelines – a useful aid to have when one is sewing.


  • It is expensive.
  • Because it weighs almost 20 pounds, it is not easily portable.

Product Description

The MCS1500 is a sewing machine that any professional dressmaker or sewing enthusiast would love to have in their arsenal. Boasting 3 needles, the machine offers users the option to create either a 3 thread cover stitch or a 4 thread chain stitch. The cover stitch is ideal to use when creating simple hems, necklines, and cuffs. The durable chain stitch is perfect for sewing the waistbands of pants, sewing side seams, and creating decorative stitch patterns.

Even with all that this machine has to offer, it isn’t difficult for beginners to use it. It isn’t hard to learn how to thread the loopers or the machine. Color-coded guides on the machine make it simple to learn how. The looper is lowered by the simple press of a button, and seam guidelines on the extension plate make it easy to follow along.

Regardless of what type of fabric one is using, the differential feed creates professional finishes each and every time. The amount of pressure placed on the presser foot can easily be adjusted as needed. Another handy feature of this machine is its exterior thread cutter. To use it all one has to do is raise the presser foot, and the thread is automatically cut. This model’s presser foot raises up to 10mm, which makes it easy to slide the fabric into place when starting a new sewing project. Stitch length can be adjusted between 1mm and 4mm.

For the MCS1500 Cover Stitch, Juki offers a 2-year warranty on all electrical components, including the motor, light assembly, wiring, and switch boards. Also included is a 5-year warranty on “all other parts”, and a 90 day free labor period for any fixes the machine might require. However, it is important to note that these warranties are only valid if the machine is used for household purposes. If it is used in a commercial setting, all warranties become void.

There are some pros and cons to this sewing machine. It has enjoyed exceptionally high user reviews online. However, it is expensive, and it does not come with many accessories, like a hard cover or cleaning kit, that many consumers have come to expect as standard with most purchases. It is also heavy, which means it cannot be easily transported.

Juki MCS-1500 Cover Stitch and Chain Stitch Machine
  • Perfect For: The 3- and 4-thread cover stitch is perfect for various applications, such as hems,...
  • Handles Any Fabrics: Perfect for handling many fabrics like knits, wovens, and other texturally...
  • 1,350 Stitches: Sewing at 1,350 stitches per minute with beautiful features to obtain professional...
  • Differential Feed Adjustment: Adjust the differential feed to sew beautiful finishes. This includes...

Final Thoughts

The Juki MCS1500 Cover and Chain Stitch Machine is an overall excellent sewing machine. It may be intimidating to beginner sewers, but more experienced sewers will love all of the additional features it has to offer. In terms of sheer speed and power, it can’t be beat; however, the high price tag may be off-putting to some potential buyers.

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