Singer 14CG754 ProFinish Serger Sewing Machine Review


  • Its 2-3-4 thread capability offers a broader variety of stitch options.
  • The adjustable differential feed eliminates the possibility of puckering and stretching for all types of fabrics.
  • ​​​​Built-in rolled hems provide a plethora of better options for hemming.
  • The length and width of stitches can easily be adjusted by sliding a switch.
  • A color-coded threading system makes it simple to set up.


In the world of sewing and crafting, Singer is one of the most trusted names, and the Singer 14CG754 ProFinish Serger Sewing Machine (see today’s price on Amazon) is another excellent addition to their product lineup. With its 2-3-4 thread capability, it offers a broader range of stitch options for the intermediate to advanced sewer. Regardless of what type of project you are working on, you are guaranteed to enjoy professional results every time. You’ll be able to save time when it comes to finishing seams and hems, as well as appreciate the opportunity to experiment with your creativity.


  • The included instructional DVD is simple to follow and offers clear instructions.
  • The results it produces are akin to those produced by professional, commercial machines.
  • The free arm is particularly useful for table sewing and creative projects.


  • A small number of users have stated that their machines tend to overheat.
  • The printed instructions can be difficult to follow.

Product Description

For the versatility and number of features it offers, the Singer 14CG754 ProFinish Serger Sewing Machine is quite affordable. It is an affordable serger equipped with a variety of unique stitch options. Even if you are brand new to sewing, it is still a great investment.

As aforementioned, the ProFinish offers 2-3-4 threading capabilities. Included in its stitch library are options for four different rolled hems to assist with creating projects that have a professional quality finish. Stich options include a two and three thread wrapped edge overlock, a two thread standard roll hem, a three thread flatlock, three thread overlock, and four thread mock stretch stitch option. The decorative flatlock stitches and rolled hems make it enjoyable and straightforward to create professional quality projects.

Stitch length and width can easily be adjusted as needed. Unlike other sewing machines, the adjustable dial is located on the side of the machine, instead of the front. This makes it easier to make adjustments without interrupting your work.

When it comes to features, the Singer 13CG754 is packed with them! The list includes:

  • A color-coded threading system that makes it simple to set up, change, and organize threads
  • A built-in free arm that makes it simpler than ever to sew cylindrical shaped pieces, like cuffs and sleeves
  • A four thread mock stretch stitch that is ideal for working with knit fabrics. Not only is it elaborate and beautiful to look at, but this type of stitch also stretches with the fabric.
  • A high presser foot lifter that offers extra height so users can place more layers of fabric underneath the foot

Reviewers of the Singer 14CG754 ProFinish Serger Sewing Machine have praised its differential feed, which offers two different modes to choose from. The first is for thinner, more delicate stretch fabrics, and the second is for standard materials. Regardless of which mode you are using, thread tension can easily be adjusted as needed. Rolled hemming mode can easily be accessed by adjusting the lever.

This Singer model weighs in at 17 pounds, which makes it heavier than other comparable models and slightly more difficult to transport. However, it does offer handy carrying handles which offset the weight difference. This sewing machine is also equipped with an adjustable upper cutter, which a feature that is usually only offered in more expensive models.

It should be noted that this sewing machine operates off of 110 volts, and it can only be safely used in the United States and Canada. 

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Final Thoughts

The Singer 14CG754 ProFinish Serger Sewing Machine, for an entry-level machine, has a lot to offer. It offers unwavering dependability and comes equipped with a number of extra accessories, including an all-purpose foot, tweezers, needle set, screwdriver, and dust cover. The machine is covered by a 25-year warranty from the manufacturer, which enables users to protect their investment for many years, and Singer has an excellent reputation for quality customer service.

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