Singer 2259 Portable Sewing Machine Review


  • Adjustable zigzag width and stitch length enable users to customize stitches to their liking.
  • The built-in stitch library offers 19 unique stitch options to choose from.
  • Included with this sewing machine are four different presser feet to expand creative possibilities.
  • Arrows printed on the machine make threading it a snap.
  • This sewing machine is covered by a limited, 25-year warranty from the manufacturer.


The Singer 2259 Portable Sewing Machine (see today’s price on Amazon) was designed to teach beginners how to sew. Because it weighs in at a mere 16 pounds, it is readily transportable, and to ensure its durability and longevity, the inward frame is crafted from heavy metal. This model offers all of the basic features a new sewer would require, and there are plenty of opportunities for learning new skills and experimenting with creativity. Since its introduction in 2011, the Singer 2259 has remained one of the brand’s most popular and enduring sewing machines.


  • It has an affordable price tag.
  • The automatic, four-step buttonhole feature is an excellent tool for teaching new sewers how to make buttonholes.
  • The adjustable free arm offers hidden compartments for storing extra accessories.
  • This machine comes with a wide range of additional accessories, including extra spool caps, a seam ripper, and a quilting guide – amongst other items.


  • The needles included with the purchase of the sewing machine are cheap and tend to break easily.

Product Description

There are a plethora of entry-level, affordable sewing machines on the market today. While the majority of them are more or less the same, the Singer 2259 is a true standout. It creates the ideal blend of on-point design and ready accessibility. The product’s design is intuitive, and the rotary dials used to adjust most features are fairly self-explanatory. Even as newbie sewers become more advanced, this Singer model is one that will be able to grow with their skills and abilities.

In addition to offering a library of 19 different stitch options, this sewing machine also features a fully automatic, four-step buttonhole option. This is one of the highlights that users have praised the most. Also included is a dedicated buttonhole presser foot. To create a buttonhole, all one needs to do is place the button in the buttonhole foot and slide the pattern selector from one step to the next. The machine will sew each side around the selected button as the user moves the pattern selector.

Another highlight of the Singer 2259 that new users will appreciate is its four-segment feed dog. This is what is responsible for doing the work of moving the fabric underneath the needle. The “grabbers” reach up, latch onto the fabric, drop back down, move forward, and then rise again to repeat the process. The greater number of feed dogs a sewing machine has, the better equipped it is to deal with heavier fabrics. Because the 2259 has four, it is recommended for use with lightweight to medium weight fabrics. This sewing machine also has a handy reverse button, which switches the directions of the feed dog, so that the fabric can be moved backward through the sewing machine. This enables users to tie off stitches neatly, so they won’t pull out.

Having an adjustable free arm is a rare feature to find on most entry-level sewing machines, but the Singer 2259 does offer an excellent one. It is perfect for sewing pants legs and cuffs, and the free arm also contains a hidden storage compartment with a flip up for storing accessories. And the list of accessories that come with this Singer model is extensive, ranging from four unique presser feet to extra needles to a lint brush!

In the spirit of Singer models past, this unit comes with the standard’s user/owner’s manual, but it also comes equipped with a handy introductory DVD that many buyers have found useful. The simple design of this sewing machine also makes it easier for users to make minor repairs to it when needed.

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Final Thoughts

For its price point, the Singer 2259 Portable Sewing Machine is an excellent buy. The frame is strong, and its construction is sturdy. The overwhelming majority of online reviewers agree that it is simple to use. While this model does keep the bells and whistles to a minimum, it still offers everything needed by beginner and intermediate sewers to develop and practice the skills for larger projects.

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