Singer 7258 Sewing Machine Review


  • This sewing machine offers push button stitch selection.
  • An automatic needle threader simplifies the threading process.
  • Lightweight construction makes it easily portable.
  • This sewing machine was named a Consumer’s Digest “Best Buy.”


Within the sewing world, the Singer name is synonymous with elegance, reliability, and style. The newest addition to the Singer line of products is the Singer 7258 (see today’s price on Amazon). With this model, users are guaranteed to enjoy high-quality performance, technological innovation, and excellent precision.

This computerized sewing machine is both smart and powerful, and it will enrich any sewing experience regardless of your skill level. Just a few of its highlights include a plethora of stitch options (more than 100!), a variety of included accessories, automatic button hole makers, and hundreds of positive reviews from users. In fact, it gives many of the most popular Brother models a run for their money. Buyers particularly like its smooth and quiet operation, multiple presser feet, and accessory storage compartments that are filled with many goodies.

Read on to find out more about what the Singer 7258 has to offer!


  • ​​​​This computerized sewing machine offers more than 100 specialty stitches to choose from.
  • Its variety of features includes adjustable sewing speed, an automatic needle threader, and push button stitch selection.
  • A brightly lit, LED work space makes it simple to work in dim lighting conditions.
  • Singer offers a 25-year warranty on this model, and they have an excellent reputation for providing satisfactory customer service.


  • Although the pressure foot pressure is automatic, it isn’t adjustable.
  • The presser feet are made from plastic.
  • It does not come with a carrying case.

Product Description

The Singer 7258 comes with an impressive array of features, but what is more impressive is the amount of confidence that Singer has placed on the quality of the product they have created. Their impressive 25-year warranty includes 5 years of coverage on the unit’s electronics and one year of coverage on any associated labor.

One of the first features you’ll notice about this model is that it offers more than 100 unique decorative stitches. This list includes:

  • 8 basic stitches
  • 8 stretch stitches
  • 7 stitches for making button holes
  • More than 75 decorative stitches

The list of decorative stitches includes options for embroidery, leafy vines, heirloom, geometric, flowers, and stars and bows. There are also a number of choices that can be used for quilting projects. An electronic display shows which stitch is currently being used and desired stitch selection can be made with the simple press of a button. The sewing machine will automatically choose the best tension, width, and length for you. This takes all of the guesswork out of the equation.

Users have described this machine’s button holes as “perfectly balanced.” Both sides of a button hole are sewn in the same direction, which ensures that the sides are even. As an added bonus, the corners are reinforced. Stitch and button hole sizes can be adjusted to a max length of 5 mm and a max width of 7 mm.

The Singer 7258 comes with eight different snap on presser feet. The list of feet includes a general purpose foot, a satin stitch foot, a zipper foot, an overcast foot, a foot for embroidery and darning, one for gathering, and a foot for creating rolled hems. Although this sewing machine comes with more feet than other models within the same price range, the feet are made of plastic, which has led some users to debate over how long they will actually last.

Although many manufacturers like to boast about the bobbin system their models use, the one employed by the Singer 7258 is truly unique. When the bobbin is placed within its chamber, a one of a kind vertical axis, rotating magnetic hook eliminates sewing interruptions, like annoying jams. The see through cover enables users to monitor how much thread remains on the bobbin visually. An automatic winding feature makes it straightforward and quick to set up sewing projects.

The speed control slider and Start/Stop slider are two features that any user will quickly grow to love. Together, these features allow a user to sew without the need to use a pedal. Likewise, the Needle Up/Down button enables you to choose whether you want to leave the needle all the way up or all the way down once you start sewing. The programming can be changed as needed, and the button will move the needle with a single push.

On top of all of this, this Singer sewing machine comes with a broad range of extras, including:

  • A 5 pack of needles
  • 4 bobbins
  • 2 spool pin felt discs
  • ​​​​3 different spool caps
  • A seam ripper and brush
  • A darning plate
  • A screwdriver
SINGER | 7258 Sewing & Quilting Machine With Accessory Kit - 203 Stitch Applications - Simple &...
  • Adjustable sewing speed
  • Push button stitch selection;This mechanism incorporates a magnet type vertical axis rotating hook...
  • LCD screen clearly displays your selected stitch as well as stitch settings for length and width

Final Thoughts

If you are a beginner, the 7258 is, hands down, one of the best Singer sewing machines one can buy; although, it will satisfy the requirements of the most experienced hand. The excellent automatic features will make any seamstress smile. Coupled with the extended warranty offered by Singer, this model will make a solid investment for any sewer who prefers quality over quantity.

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