Singer Start 1304 Sewing Machine Review


  • In addition to its free arm, this sewing machine also has 6 unique, built-in stitches.
  • The twin vertical spool spins make sewing a quick and simple process.
  • The automatic bobbin winding feature can be taken advantage of simply by following the numbered diagram printed on the machine.
  • This machine comes with a number of accessories.
  • Singer offers a 25 year, limited warranty on this model.


The Singer 1304 Sewing Machine (see today’s price on Amazon) is a simple, straightforward, and easy to use machine. Not only is it the ideal choice for new sewers, but because it only weighs in at 12.5 pounds, it is easily portable. Along with its affordable price tag, the sewing machine has fared well in consumer written reviews. Although it is designed to be an entry-level sewing machine, this model carries all of the prestige and longevity associated with the Singer name. 

Read on to find out more about what the Singer 1304 has to offer!


  • ​​​​It has an affordable price tag.
  • The user’s manual is straightforward and well-written, which makes it easy to set up this machine.
  • This sewing machine has a free arm – a feature not commonly seen at this price point.


  • There appears to be a common tendency for thread to jam inside of the machine.
  • The vertical bobbins are occasionally difficult to deal with.

Product Description

Out of the box, the Singer 1304 is a handsome, modern looking sewing machine. Its design is simple and approachable looking, and it will not appear intimidating to beginners. Underneath the smooth casing is a strong metal frame, which provides skip-free sewing by ensuring that all of the machine’s mechanisms remain perfectly aligned. Although it is designed for maximum durability, this model is readily portable – weighing in at just under 13 pounds.

The sewing machine’s built-in stitch functions are clearly printed on the selection dial and are as easy to read as the threading instructions that are printed directly on the sewing machine. At top speed, the Singer 1304 can produce 750 stitches per minute. The stitch options a user will have to choose from include zigzag, straight, blind hem, satin, scallop, and a four-step buttonhole process. The three presser feet that are included in the purchase of this machine easily snap on and off as needed, which will give any sewer the tools they need to get the job done.

The dual spool pins provide users with the opportunity to add a little artistic flair to their designs by adding parallel rows of stitching. It is even possible to use different color combinations. However, practicality still reigns supreme in the design of the Singer 1304. It has an easily removable free arm that is ideal for sewing traditionally hard to reach places on clothing, like collars, cuffs, and pants hems.

This sewing machine features automatic tensioning, an automatic bobbin winding system, and a 4 step, automatic buttonhole feature. Because all of these features are automatic, it will save time for all sewers – regardless of their skill level. For most of the features, their instructions are printed directly on the sewing machine itself, which makes it rather simple to learn how to operate.

It should be noted that the Singer 1304 does have limited speed control. It does not have a speed knob, and the needle is simply controlled by the foot pedal. While not necessarily a “con” per se, there will be a learning curve there for beginners and those who are used to working with a speed knob. Otherwise, it will not be difficult to get the hang of this machine.

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Final Thoughts

With its guided instructions, automatic features, and friendly design, the Singer 1304 Sewing Machine is one of the best available sewing machines for new users. This model is also ideal for those who like to sew while they travel since it is so lightweight. Even though the Singer company does offer an extended warranty on this model, it is built to withstand wear and tear for many years to come. In online reviews, the overwhelming majority of buyers stated that they would recommend it to a friend or family member, and so would we.

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